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If you'd like to take a step out of the personal finance world and see more about our personal life, long distance relationship & adventures, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel: 4000 Miles Together


How we travel the world for free while keeping our home & pets safe: House Sitting at a Magnificent English Estate

Like us, have you struggled to find a way to send money across countries cheaply? See my article where I compare the best services on the web today: The Shocking Hidden Fees for International Money Transfers - Top 8 Sites Compared including Bitcoin

Start Your Journey

Want to get the most out of The Golden Goose Guide? In honor of Lao-Tzu's proverb,"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," complete Golden Milestone #1 (Start Your Journey) by starting with our very first article here and read them all from beginning to end, like a book. A link at the bottom of each article will guide you to the next article.

You can also use this handy Index page to quickly navigate through articles.

Please let us know when you've achieved Golden Milestone #1 (or any other Golden Milestones) so we can congratulate you!

Win Financial Freedom to Do What You Love

I’ve collected the Golden Rules that you've seen throughout our articles in one place:

Golden Rule #1: The most effective method of going from rags to riches is ownership.


Golden Rule #2: If you don’t understand it, don’t sign it.

Golden Rule #3: Always leave yourself an escape plan.

Golden Rule #4: Only use the tool if it saves you more time than it takes you to use.

Golden Rule #5: Don't trust the experts and always do your own research.

Golden Rule #6: Verify. Preferably in writing.

Golden Rule #7: You have a thousand coins you can spend, or a thousand seeds you can plant.