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Sep 6

Is your job your passion, or just a paycheck?


Edited: Sep 9

Sometimes it can evolve over time. I used to love flying, but didn’t love the pilot lifestyle. Now, working in private investment has kept me busy in finance, tech, and law, which I’ve found more fulfilling than just flying and I finally felt like this is a career job. Has anyone else started their first career and questioned it like I have?

New Posts
  • Notice any different about the Golden Goose Guide homepage today? One of the interesting aspects of doing everything yourself is designing a logo. Do you let someone else do it, or try it yourself? The Golden Goose Guide logo was my own design using free resources, but it took more than a few drafts to get it right. Finally, I had a logo that I thought was perfect, so I added it everywhere on the website - on the header logo, the home page, the favicon (seen on the browser tab), and on my profile (seen when writing forum posts like this). Something about the logo was just not right, but I couldn't place it. Finally, I realized what it was. The goose was facing left. This didn't really make a difference, but was more noticeable when shown next to text, which is always to the right. I did some research on the subject, and found that nearly all logos face right. Just imagine if the Nike logo swooshed left! In fact, out of all of the teams in the NFL, only one team logo faces left (the Eagles, in case you wanted to know). When we migrated the site from Wordpress to Wix, I recently realized that we had used my original templates for the logos in the re-design. Now I've flipped everything back, so our Golden Goose is now facing right. Did anybody notice, or did we get away with it?