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Sep 4

Moving to another country?


Because I feel it's wrong for most organizations to overcharge (up to $3,500 or more!) for these kind of services, feel free to save yourself the money and ask a question here! This is why I wrote an article all about our experience. I'm happy to offer what knowledge we've acquired along the way.

New Posts
  • You may have seen my recent post on International Money Transfers, which were our biggest troublemaker as a USA/UK couple: The Shocking Hidden Fees for International Money Transfers - Top 8 Sites Compared including Bitcoin I'm interested to know if there are any international credit cards that you've found to be the best deal? Like the other article, I'd like to see the one that puts the most money in our pockets, which is in the spirit of the Golden Goose Guide.
  • Does anyone use or recommend any service in particular (PayPal, Western Union, etc.)?
  • A reader asked if it was okay to interview in the UK without a visa. It makes sense that countries should allow this in order to permit foreign workers to interview for a job, and the US and the UK both permit this. However, accepting any work is another question entirely, and for this your employer must sponsor your visa. Separately, if you're going to the US and not a US citizen, but fall under the Visa Waiver Program (like the UK) you'll need a travel authorization approval (ESTA) more than 72 hours prior to departure, which the US requires to determine eligibility for the visa waiver program and for security reasons. Both the US and the UK governments love paperwork!