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Sep 10

Is it worth selling your house to be debt-free?


I had student loans from my university and flight school for 15 years. While I had enough left over to buy a house with a small mortgage, the house prevented me from paying off my student loans. What I'd like to explore in a future post is whether it's better to sell your house to pay off the student loans and become debt free, as I did? Or should we wait and let inflation chip away at the debt while building home equity?

Being financially free from the shackles of student debt along with the soaring interest rates... You did indeed, make the most sensible decision and, thus are enjoying life more so. Congratulation!

Thank you, it worked out for the best. Even though the house was building equity, I had no income surplus and it wasn't until it was sold and I downsized into an apartment that my student loans were finally crushed. It worked out for the best because I met Belle in England and needed the income to pay for flights, moving, and visa fees, none of which were possible if I still had expensive and unpredictable house bills!